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Over the past three years, the City has made significant progress toward fulfilling a sound strategic vision. In January 2018, Council conducted a planning workshop and updated a list of strategic targets and tiered priorities for 2018.  Guiding principles, strategic targets and priority goals are provided below. For a full copy of the report, please use the following link:


Guiding Principles

  • Follow our Long-Range Financial Plan to ensure financial stability and sustainability.
  • Operate in a transparent and open manner to earn and keep the trust of our community.
  • Create a long-term vision while focusing on meeting day-to-day challenges and taking care of the "small things" that matter to the community.
  • Maintain and expand relationships with partner agencies, private sector and organizations to extend capacity in carrying out and funding priority projects.
  • Support the professional development of our employees with a focus on continuous improvement in all that we do.
  • Measure successes and communicate them to the community.
  • Implement voter-approved decisions on taxes and other laws fully with integrity: Honor voter intent.


2019 Strategic Targets

  • Public Safety
  • Fiscal Sustainability
  • Economic Development
  • Infrastructure


Priority Goals: Tier 1

  1. Develop solutions to address homelessness, including increasing the affordable housing supply
  2. Focus on crime reduction, including group gun violence, blight reduction, and outreach for focus areas
  3. Prioritize resource allocation to focus areas within Council Districts
  4. Develop our core downtown


Priority Goals: Tier 2

  1. Develop business incentives, including incentive tools for underserved neighborhoods
  2. Council and staff to work with education partners to help create a better quality of life, increase literacy, funding scholarships for college, retain employees and develop the workforce development
  3. Engage private employers and the business community in workforce development and job placement (including individuals with criminal records); develop an employment pipeline for Stockton residents to Stockton employers


2018 Strategic Targets


2018 Strategic Targets

Tier 1 Priority Goals

 2018 Priority 1 Goals


Tier 2 Priority Goals  

2018 Priority Tier 2 Goals



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