City Council Goals

Over the past three years, the City has made significant progress toward fulfilling a sound strategic vision. In February 2018, Council conducted a planning workshop and updated a list of strategic targets and tiered priorities for 2018.  These strategic targets and goals are listed with accomplishments from Fiscal Year 2017-18 in the Annual Budget for the Fiscal Year 2018-19.

Strategic Targets

  • Fiscal Sustainability
  • Public Safety
  • Economic Development
  • Infrastructure



Fiscal Sustainability

  • Adopt annual budget consistent with the Long-Range Financial Plan.
  • Leverage resources to maximize cash efficiency.
  • Provide financial updates to rating agencies for review of bond ratings.
  • Develop a Community Facilities District policy for new development to pay for related services.
  • Develop a long-range financial plan for the Municipal Utilities Department enterprise funds.


Public Safety

  • Evaluate and improve service delivery.
  • Implement advanced technologies.
  • Develop and retain safety personnel.
  • Strengthen community relationships.


Economic Development

  • Provide business programs with tools for the underserved neighborhoods.



  • Coordinate the management and relocation of City offices to the Waterfront Office Towers property.
  • Complete the 24-month General Plan update project.
  • Complete the document digitizing project for greater efficiency in processing plans.



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