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City of Stockton and California Water Company (Cal Water) provide water service in the city of Stockton.

  • The City provides sewer and stormwater services throughout the City.
  • Republic or Waste Management provides garbage and recycling services (solid waste) through a franchise agreement with the City.


City of Stockton Water Service Area

In the City's water service area, residential customers receive bills for water, sewer, stormwater, garbage and recycling on a unified bill. Commercial and industrial customers receive a bill from the City for sewer (wastewater) and stormwater, and a solid waste bill directly from the provider.


  • Utility accounts for addresses in the City of Stockton water service area are set up for either property owners or the legal tenants.
  • Application for service is required for each address.
  • Have proof of ownership or a copy of rental/lease agreement ready, plus:
    • Valid government issued ID,
    • Phone numbers, and
    • Employment information.
    • For residential services, a previous address for each adult resident of the property is required.
  • Any outstanding charges owed to the City – plus any required fees, charges and deposits – by any adult resident of the premises must be paid before an application can be approved.
  • Fill out a Request to Start Application.
  • Services will be provided on the next business day following approval of completed application.
  • Property Owners/Managers:  To create a standing request to automatically activate utility services in the owner's name when a tenant discontinues services, visit Landlord Service Agreement page and submit a Landlord Service Agreement Form.


Owner Certification of Tenant Move Out - City Water Service Area Only

Certification of Tenant Move Out form only needs to be completed at the request of a Utility Billing customer service representative or collector.

Unsure if this form is required? Contact a customer service representatives from our Contact Us page.  Follow-up may be required prior to activation of services. 


Cal Water Service Area

If your address is located in the California Water Company (Cal Water) service area:

  • Cal Water sends a bill for water service.
  • City sends a bill for sewer and stormwater; residential bills include garbage and recycling.
    • Commercial and industrial customers receive a bill for sewer and stormwater from the City and a bill for solid waste (garbage and recycling) directly from the hauler/service provider.
  • At no time will utilities be provided to any property or person free of charge.
  • Garbage and recycling collection service is mandatory. 
  • Property owners are responsible for notifying the City when property ownership changes.


Changes to Utility Billing - Owner-only Billing

Owner Only Billing Graphic

Starting March 7, 2019, City utility bills that do not include City water service (non-water accounts) will begin the conversion to property owner-only billed accounts:

  • All new accounts will be owner-only billed.
  • Existing accounts billed to tenants can be converted upon request of the property owner or authorized property manager/agent.
  • When tenant accounts are closed, new accounts will be opened as owner-only accounts.
  • All existing tenant-billed accounts will be converted to owner-only accounts by 2021.


New accounts - Owner-only Billing

  • Property owner of record must be the account holder.
  • Property owner can request bills mailed care-of tenant or sent to any other address.
  • Property owner is responsible for payment.


Existing Tenant Accounts

  • Tenant is responsible for all charges billed in the tenant's name.
  • Property owner is not responsible for delinquent service charges and penalties billed in the tenant's name.
  • Change to owner-only billing is initiated upon owner request or when the City converts to an owner account.


Closed Tenant Accounts and Billing Address

  • Tenant is responsible for all charges billed to the tenant as the account holder.
  • Property owner is not responsible for charges billed to the tenant account holder.
  • Owner-only accounts will be started when tenant accounts are stopped.


When tenant accounts are closed, a new account will be opened in the name of the property owner of record. 

  • Nill will be mailed to the address on the San Joaquin County tax roll until/unless the property owner or authorized manager/agent requests a change in the mailing address.
  • Property owner is responsible for all owner-only account charges, regardless of the mailing address.


For questions, please contact Utility Billing Customer Service.


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