Office of the City Attorney

The City Attorney's Office provides professional, quality legal services that protect the interests of the City of Stockton, its departments, the City Council, and the citizens of the community. 

Functions of the City Attorney's Office include:

  • providing legal advice to City Councilmembers, officials, boards, commissions, and City departments regarding legal and regulatory matters of concern to the City and its operations;
  • working with other City departments and division on legal matters to defend the City from legal action(s) brought against it, initiates lawsuits, code enforcement compliance, collection of monies owed to the City, and eminent domain proceedings;
  • drafting and reviews ordinances, resolutions, contracts, bonds, deeds, and other legal documents as requested by the City Council or other officials; and
  • prosecuting violations of the Stockton Municipal Code.


City Attorneys

  • City Attorney

    • John M. Luebberke

  • Assistant City Attorney

    • Lori M. Asuncion

  • Deputy City Attorneys

    • Marci Arredondo
    • Tara Mazzanti
    • Taryn Jones
    • Jamil Ghannam
    • John Mulroy

For additional information, please contact the City Attorney's Office.



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Image of John M. Luebberke, City Attorney