Parking Authority

The City of Stockton contracts with SP Plus Corporation to operate and manage parking meters, garages, and lots in the downtown Stockton area.


Parking Meters

Parking at meters is enforced, Monday through Friday, from 9a - 6p. Meters have limits ranging from 30 minutes to 10 hours, depending on the location; signs are posted to indicate limitations.   


Parkmobile sticker Effective September 1, 2015, PayPal and credit cards can be used to purchase time on parking meters using a cell phone mobile app.  Meters are marked with stickers providing the website to download the app and a toll free number.  To download the app from the Parkmobile website, please use the link provided under External Links at the bottom of this page.


App users can register up to 5 vehicles and 5 users, and use the app to pay for parking at metered locations.  Using the app, a reminder can be set with a warning 15 minutes prior to time running out and increase time from a distance.  The time indicator on the physical meter will not change.  Parking enforcement will use a hand-held device to determine if the app has been used to pay for parking at the metered location.


Meters will also continue to accept coins.


For questions regarding parking, please call SP Plus at (209) 944-9490 or (1-877) 717-0004.



External Links

Parkmobile - mobile app for parking meters

SP+ - SP Plus Corporation


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