Stockton Fire Auxiliaries - Adult Volunteer Program 

The Auxiliary Firefighters, originally known as Auxiliary Firemen, were organized during World War II as part of a civilian defense force. Even though Stockton never suffered from enemy attack, the 386 men who completed the six-month training program were of such value that the program continues to this day.


The Stockton Auxiliary Firefighters's group of 40 highly trained men and women carry on traditions and keep the spirit of Stockton's volunteer fire department alive. The Auxiliary Firefighters are on call 24-hours a day to provide valuable back-up to the fire department at all multiple-alarm fires.


The Auxiliaries train four hours weekly, along with 24 hours of ride-along time each month. Members are tested frequently on firefighting skills and other aspects of the fire service to ensure highly effective Auxiliary Firefighters. The Auxiliaries also participate in various public events held by the Stockton Fire Department.



The following are volunteer requirements:

  • 18 years of age

  • Possess valid California Driver's License

  • Possess and show proof of insurance for your vehicle

  • Live within 45-minute response time to City of Stockton

  • CPR certified

  • EMT certified within one year


How to Apply

Submit an email of interest. The email should include the candidate’s full name and contact phone number.


Appointment Process

The appointment process includes:

  • Written exam covering the Essentials of Firefighting, 4th edition

  • Physical agility exam

  • Oral interview

  • Background investigation (DOJ live scan, DMV printout)



All successful candidates will be invited to attend the SFD Auxiliary academy. This training period consists of 16 weeks of classroom study accompanied by vigorous hands-on training.


Probationary Auxiliary

All candidates who complete the Academy will be placed as a probationary Auxiliary. Probation is a six-month period in which the probationary Auxiliary attends all training sessions and participates in ridealongs. During this time, they are required to:


  • Successfully complete an SFD competency book of firefighting skills

  • Work toward becoming an Emergency Medical Technician

  • Participate in weekly physical fitness training

  • Volunteer for special events


Auxiliary Firefighter

After completing probation, the Auxiliary becomes part of the rank and file. Duties include:

  • 4-hour weekly drills on Wednesday evenings

  • 24 hours per month (minimum) of ride-along time with an engine or truck company

  • Specialized training

  • EMS training

  • Multiple alarm fires

  • Physical fitness training and testing

  • Fundraising

  • Community programs

  • Public education

  • Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

  • Continued education


Command Staff

Members who show leadership within the organization are given the opportunity to work as peer leaders in a committee called the Command Staff. Each elected position is nominated by the Liaison. Positions include President, Vice President/PIO, Secretary, Safety Officer, Operations Officer, Logistics Officer, Planning Officer, Recruit Officer and Wellness/PT Officer.


SFD Auxiliary Liaison

This position is an appointed member who oversees the operation of the Auxiliary program.


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