Water Conservation

Water is an important resource with limited supply. In fact, the amount of water available today is the same supply available when dinosaurs roamed the earth. The City of Stockton is committed to conserving that water and works year-round to increase water conservation and raise awareness about programs and services available within the City’s water service area.


Effective August 8, 2017, the Stockton City Council approved new water regulations and restrictions to comply with State-mandated requirements. 


Watering – Exterior Irrigation

  • No watering – between 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. or within 48 hours of measurable rainfall
  • Water leaks – corrected within 24 hours of discovery/notifications
  • Wasteful running of water/washing with water – unlawful without reasonable purpose


Other – Exterior Uses

  • Buildings and mobile home exterior (with water) – only with bucket and sponge or pressure washer
  • Vehicles – positive shut-off nozzle only
  • Fountains (Public/Commercial Locations) – operated only with recirculated water
  • Outside surfaces – driveways, sidewalks, patios, parking lots & other surfaces; only with pressurized sidewalk cleaning equipment for sanitation, public health/safety, and fire protection
  • Repairing/Repainting – pressurized washing device with quick action, positive shut-off
  • Pool draining/refilling – must obtain permit; only for protection of public health/safety


Additional Business (Commercial and Industrial) and Fire Hydrants

  • Car washes (Commercial) – reclaimed soap and water only (no day restrictions)
  • Hotels and motels – must provide option to refuse daily towel and linen laundering
  • Restaurants -– water served only upon customer request
  • Dust control – use of potable water not allowed, except for public health/safety
  • Fire hydrant – use of potable water not allowed (unless no alternate/recycled water sources available) except by Fire protection agencies for fire suppression or by responsible water agencies


Reporting Water Wasting


Water Use Survey

Save up to 25% of the water used at your home or business by downloading the Water Use Home Survey Kit and conduct a do-it-yourself water-use survey. Submit your survey results to the City and receive a free water-saving kit.



Outdoor water use accounts for the majority of water use for the average residential household and may also be applicable to businesses. Landscape Water Saving Tips provide customers with easy tips that can result in big water savings. Learn more by visiting the Stockton Water-Wise Gardening in External Links below. 



Written authorization from MUD is required to drain or refill a pool. To obtain authorization, please submit a Drain or Refill Pool Request online or Contact Us. Authorization can only be granted for the protection of public health and safety. 


School Programs

The City, in partnership with Stockton Area Water Suppliers, provides in-class, after-school, and assembly programs to promote water conservation. The City also provides tours of its new water treatment plant.


Guiding Documents

The Water Conservation Program works to meet and prioritize all goals and objectives as outlined in local, state, and federal water conservation guiding documents. 



External Links

Turf and Toilet Rebates - Statewide rebate program 

Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce REACON Team - Evaluate water use, recycling, energy, air

Save Our Water - State program to help Californians reduce everyday water use

Stockton Area Water Suppliers (SAWS)

Stockton Water-Wise Gardening - Water-saving plants and watering tips

WaterSense (Partnership program by U.S. EPA) - Learn about water-saving devices and more

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