Street Sweeping

Street sweeping keeps our City clean and safe by removing the dirt, metals, petroleum products, trash and vegetation that regularly collect on our streets. Removing these materials from the roadways and gutters is important because these materials could end up in the storm drains. Keeping the storm drains clear not only helps to reduce water pollution, but also reduces the likelihood of flooding during heavy rain.


Street Sweeping Schedule

Street sweeping is performed bi-weekly (every other week) on all City streets. Residential customers may use the street sweeping schedule to determine their actual street sweeping day.


Major streets, such as Pacific Avenue, El Dorado Street, Center Street, and Hammer Lane, are swept once a week. The downtown area is swept three times a week.


Service Guidelines

Street sweepers cannot pick up large pieces or piles. To ensure a clean street:

  • Avoid piling leaves or other debris in the street or gutter.
  • Do not rake, sweep, blow leaves, or other debris in the street or gutter.
  • Keep palm fronds and long twigs and branches out of the street or gutter.
  • Pick up litter in front of your home or business.
  • Remove portable basketball hoops from the street or gutter.
  • Do not leave garbage, recycling or green/food waste containers or bins on the street.
  • Avoid parking vehicles, boats or trailers on the street.
  • Prune trees and shrubs so that they do not block the street sweepers from reaching the curb line.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who provides street sweeping in Stockton?

A contracted company provides street sweeping services for Stockton. This service is part of your garbage and recycling service.


What day is my street sweeping day?

You can find your sweeping day by looking on the street sweeping schedule. If you still have questions, your garbage collector – either Republic Services or Waste Management – can answer your questions.


What should I do to get ready for street sweeping day?

The City depends on residents and businesses to make sure the street is clear of large items, debris piles or vehicles on their street sweeping day.  A clear street equals a clean street.


What are the hours of operation for the sweepers?

Normal hours of operation for the sweepers are Monday through Friday, from 4:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Why wasn't my street swept today?

Most often, it is because cars:

  • Toys, basketball hoops, or trash containers blocked the roadway.
  • Vehicles parked too close to each other for the sweeper to maneuver between
  • Low-hanging trees and shrubs can also prevent sweepers from cleaning i
  • On the other hand, they may not have made it to your area yet.


If it is after 5:00 p.m. and your street looks unclean, please call our Recycling Hotline to make a report. Staff will respond within one business day.


Some of my neighbors do not move their cars on street sweeping day and the front of their home hasn't been swept for months. What can I do?

Let us know. Leave a message on our Recycling Hotline. Staff will respond within one business day. We can distribute information and a calendar of street sweeping days to your neighbors. We are also available to discuss street sweeping at your homeowner's association meeting.  


Do the sweepers work on holidays?

Street sweeping occurs Monday through Friday year-round with two exceptions: Christmas and New Year's Day. Street sweeping will resume on the day following garbage service.


Why do the sweepers drive so slowly?

Depending on the type and quantity of material in the street, the sweeper must drive between 1 and 5 m.p.h. to remove the material effectively. 


Do the sweepers sweep parking lots?

Street sweepers only sweep City-owned parking lots. Private companies sweep private parking lots, private streets, shopping centers, and commercial or business properties.


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