Miner Avenue Complete Streets

Miner Avenue Complete Street Project

The City of Stockton Public Works Department has completed design plans for the Miner Avenue Complete Street Improvements between Center Street and Aurora Street, near the Cabral Station. The project calls for the following:

  • reduction in the number of vehicle travel lanes from two lanes to one lane in each direction with buffered bicycle lanes
  • landscaped medians
  • street resurfacing
  • signal and lighting improvements
  • a round-about at the intersection of Miner Avenue and San Joaquin Street
  • pedestrian and bicycle amenities
  • accessible street crossings with bulb-out round corners
  • relocation and upgrade of portion of existing sanitary sewer line


Public Information Meeting

The City of Stockton Public Works Department will host a Pre-construction Public Meeting:


Meeting Accommodations

All meetings are conducted in English. Spanish-language interpreter will be available in accordance with Title VI of the Civic Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and California Law. It is the policy of the City of Stockton to offer its public programs, services and meetings in a manner readily accessible to everyone, including those with limited English proficiency or disabilities.


If a language interpreter is needed, a disabled attendee requires a copy of meeting materials in an appropriate alternative format, or other accommodations are required, please contact the Public Works Department or Public Outreach Coordinator at least three to four days prior to the meeting. Advance notification enables the City to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility.



Funding for the design and construction is from federal, state and local funding sources:

  • Active Transportation Program (ATP)
  • Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ)
  • Measure K
  • Local Resurfacing Funds
  • Wastewater Funds
  • Other Local Matching Funds


For additional information or questions about this project, please contact the Public Works Project Manager for the Miner Avenue Complete Street Improvements.


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